Couples Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

EFT focuses on management of emotions on the premise that emotions are adaptive. Emotions are not seen as the problem, but the management of emotions is the issue to address. In couples therapy, EFT works in steps to create a stable environment for the couple, restructure the bond, and integrate new behaviors. Couples will work with their therapist to identify negative patterns, address underlying issues and needs, and restructure interactions based on these needs. EFT seeks to re-frame the way couples will see issues and ally couples against those issues rather than seeing themselves as victims or in opposition to one another.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a specialized psychotherapy or “talk therapy” that helps individuals and couples deal with the issues that negatively impact their sexual life. Sex therapy is about resolving the sexual issues you are facing. Issues may range from low sexual desire, struggle to achieve/maintain arousal/erection, mismatched sex drive between you and your partner, difficulty talking about sex and sexual preferences with your partner, and more. Please see our Sex Therapy page for more information.

Couples in Recovery

Couples in Recovery therapy seeks to work with a couple in which a partner is recovering from a sex addiction. Therapy for couples in recovery seeks to help the couple heal from the aftermath of an addiction and rebuild a healthy relationship. This includes but is not limited to supporting partners recovery and individual recovery, breaking through denial, setting appropriate boundaries, and improving conflict management.

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