Rates & Insurance

Range of fees

Our fees vary based on the therapist you work with.

$120 – $350 for the initial 90-minute assessment session
$80 – $200 for a 60-minute counseling session
$595 per couple for the Hold Me Tight weekend workshop
$2100 for a private couples weekend intensive/retreat

At times, we may have interns working with us or a clinician may provide reduced rates based on your timing, flexibility, and situation.

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We do not accept insurance. We can however provide a superbill. This document can be submitted to your insurance provider. It includes the funds spent and the relevant coding, alongside our provider information. This helps carriers expedite claims and reimburse as they deem appropriate for out of network providers.

This is a detailed article outlining the various reasons we do not accept insurance.

Using Health Insurance to Cover Counseling for Individuals or CouplesYou Might Think Twice.

We have outlined key points from the article below.

We encourage you to investigate all your options and make an informed choice prior to using your benefits. You can always use your insurance at a later date but you can not ‘undo’ the negative consequences after using it for therapy.

Key Point to consider

  1. The Required Diagnosis of a Mental Illness
  2. What This Looks Like for Couples in Counseling Who Want to Use Insurance
  3. How A Couples Therapist Accepts Any Kind of Insurance?
  4. Understanding What a Diagnosis Means
  5. Loss of Confidentiality. This Is a Loss of Control Over Who Gets Your Information and What They Use It For
  6. Having Coverage Does Not Mean You Are Covered.  And if  You Are, Prepare to Fight For It.
  7. It All Boils Down to Choice

What else you can do?

  1. See If Your Insurance Will Reimburse You For Out of Network Providers
  2. Use Pre-Tax Dollars
  3. Seek Lower Cost Therapy

Does Your Insurance Cover Mental Health Services?

Why Managed Care Hurts You by John MGroholPsy.D.