Sex Therapy

Sexuality is a healthy, positive and rewarding part of couple life. However, couples don’t look for a sex therapist when all is going well. When you come to Spectrum, you will discuss your sexual concerns in a safe and comfortable environment with our sexologist and therapist.

Sex therapy can be helpful with

  • ejaculation difficulties
  • erectile difficulties
  • orgasm difficulties
  • painful intercourse
  • differing levels of sexual desire
  • low sexual desire
  • sexual dissatisfaction
  • trust after infidelity
  • body image, low self-esteem
  • sexual trauma: incest or assault
  • sexuality changes after illness or injury
  • low sexual desire
  • sexual compulsivity
  • creating healthy sexuality after sex addiction
  • sexual aversion
  • pain during intercourse
  • struggle to achieve/maintain arousal/erection
  • difficulty reaching orgasm or ejaculation
  • mismatched sex drive between you and your partner
  • difficulty talking about sex and sexual preferences with your partner
  • struggling with a kink lifestyle
  • issues with sexual identity
  • feelings of shame and fear about sex

Many people have ideas about what sex therapy is and isn’t. Hopefully the following information will help dispel the myths surrounding sex therapy.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a specialized psychotherapy that helps individuals and couples deal with the issues that negatively impact their sexual life. Sex therapy is about resolving the sexual issues you are facing.

Who goes to sex therapy?

Sex therapy is for anyone who is having problems in their sexual life. Men, women, and couples can seek sex therapy. You don’t have to be in a relationship. These problems can be anything form a sexual dysfunction or troublesome feelings due to sexual thoughts and behaviors.

What to expect from sex therapy?

You and your therapist will have an open and frank discussion about sex in a judgement-free setting. There is nothing taboo, shocking, or off limits when talking to your therapist about sex. If you do not feel ready to talk about something, you may say so. Your wish will be respected. Alicia can help you to speak about difficult sexual issues even if they cause you shame or embarrassment.

To reinforce the therapy sessions and to practice new skills, sometimes you will be given homework to complete outside of session. Homework is done privately either by yourself or with your partner. Sometimes it will involve touching and sometimes just talking.
During the first session or first few sessions, the therapist will take a comprehensive history. You will talk about your sexual and relationship history. You will also talk about your family, your childhood, your parent’s marriage, medical history, and what and how you learned about sex. You will talk about the issues that you are facing, when they started, and how intense they are. From there, you and your therapist will set client-driven goals. Once goals are set, you and your therapist will work on reaching those goals.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions is determined on many things, such as what the issue is, the intensity, etc… It is client driven and unique to each individual person.